the cold

2020 -

Untitled (cold research sketch), digital collage [possible poem], 2020.
Source Image: ‘Going to Britain?’, BBC Caribbean Service © BBC, held by the British Library

‘the cold’ is a loose and ongoing project thinking through cold, heat and its lack across various registers and realities. The project is thinking thorugh climatic racial mapping, borders, colonialism and weather/ing amongst other things.

In 2020, I was invited to curate a series of new commissions for MAP Magazine x SWBN. I invited  writers Martha Adonai Williams and Nat Raha to form new texts, and extended an ongoing conversation with artist Tako Taal. 

These are all available to read via the links below:

Untitled (cold research sketch), digital collage, 2020
Source Image: Lumbermen of the British Honduras Forestry Unit In the United Kingdom, c. 1941, Imperial War Museum Collection, © IWM K 935