2K video, 23m 43sec, 2021

Sound Design:  皚桐 & Camara Taylor; Post-Production (Sound) Francis Dosoo

Developed with support from Market Gallery, Glasgow as a recipient of a Studio Projects Residency 2020. 

Comissioned by The Newbridge Project, Gateshead as part of slow breath with Meera Shakti Osborne & Rene Francis-McBrearty.
Winner of a Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival New Cinema Award 2021

islow breath, The Newbridge Project, Gateshead, 2021, Photo: Matt Pickering

+ Read A SERIES OF ESCAPES OF AIR, by Saoirse Amira Anis; a text wrritten in response to slow breath


Suspiration, [noun]—a long deep breath or a sigh. The film is a collage of images, newsreels, bodily gestures, texts and sounds collected over four years. The structure and the score of the film are comprised of the body’s audible release of liquid and air; enmeshed utterances and ir/regular vibrations. The film brings false promises made by the United Kingdom to the surface with pieces of news footage and a spoken testimony describing racism in the UK. Amongst this bleakness, moments of beauty shine through, indicating the possibility for reassurance and hope.


+ In March 2021 suspiration was a work in progress titled Pining. This was screened as part of a live online event with Samra Mayanja and Olamiju Fajemisin; curated byTendai Mutambu and Lily Tonge; hosted by the South London Gallery. A publication featuring texts in response to the event is available here.

research sketches, 2020