something vague and irrational,

Celine Gallery, 2019 w/ Sulaïman Majali

as part of retreat, an unfolding collaboration.

screaming by citation; lol ur so drama, 2019

2 channel video installation; a precarious hanging; black cling; post-it; text; Auld Lang Syne by The Black on White Affair;  A Scottish Landscape by Robert S.Duncanson 1871; African and Caribbeans in Scotland: A socio-geographical study by June Evans 1997; William Davidson and rumours of quartering and quicklime. 

Presented with:

"that my dear old mother would never know me", 2019, Sulaïman Majali

Digital print of Robert Scott Lauder’s painting of David Roberts 1840 (in Arab Dress) without side whiskers, paste; faux gilded frame, mirror, paintings of the Prophet’s Mosque and the Grand Mosque of Makkah

retreat, is an ongoing collaborative endeavour between Sulaïman Majali and Camara Taylor.
something vague and irrational illustrates and/or points to the feelings (as facts), frustrations and propositions that initiated collaboration.