screaming by citation, lol ur so drama,

2 channel video installation; a precarious hanging; black cling; post-it; text; Auld Lang Syne by The Black on White Affair;  A Scottish Landscape by Robert S.Duncanson 1871; African and Caribbeans in Scotland: A socio-geographical study by June Evans 1997; William Davidson and rumours of quartering and quicklime.

Shown as part of the exhibition, something vague and irrational, Celine Gallery, 2019 w/ Sulaïman Majali.

Pictured with:

"that my dear old mother would never know me", 2019, Sulaïman Majali
Digital print of Robert Scott Lauder’s painting of David Roberts 1840 (in Arab Dress) without side whiskers, paste;
faux gilded frame, mirror, paintings of the Prophet’s Mosque and the Grand Mosque of Makkah