The Gallow Gate, Glasgow, 2017

- - -
a snap.

a nod.

a twist

of the hip,

a flick of the wrist.

Flesh bent and unwinding-

Flourish was an exhibition of ideas in progress presented at The Gallow Gate, Glasgow in 2017 with a sound work made in collaboration with DJ and promoter Sarra Wild (OH141).

water damaged chroma key blue photographic background paper
crushed black velvet
a game of dominoes in Barbados
a screen
a wall, black and textured, like those of grandma’s house
John Agard
Frederick Douglass
limbo dancers
Sonja Stanley Niaah
Christina Sharpe
Tina Campt
bobbin pins
tidalectics following Kamau Brathwaite
the seas
wheat paste
sound on loop