Selected to co-programme a summer school for an arts organisation in December 2017. In May 2018, I withdrew my particpation and the programme was cancelled. Below is the rationale text written for the programme.

Camara Taylor to co-programme ___________________________________________ 2018.

No what you say when you do not want to proceed; when you do not agree to something.
No as an address; delivered to a person or made against a system or given in a situation.
No what you announce by what you do or do not do with your body; as gesture, as withdrawal.
No as a story of how someone comes to refuse what had previously been endured.
No as political action; how a collective is formed by saying enough is too much; we from a will from a wont.

-Sara Ahmed, 2016

___________________________________________ will consider the (in)visible practices that are plotting the necessary and laborious undisciplined routes of resistance, consciousness, possibility and joy amidst the ongoing assault of the everyday. Taking ‘no’ as its starting point and working with refusal in mind, the programme seeks to explore artistic strategies in the context of lived politics for collectively sensing, thinking and doing in those spaces between total withdrawal and complete subsumption.

___________________________________________ seeks to refuse endemic erasures whilst troubling the equation of visibility to progress; explore disobedient acts within and outwith the institution and holistic approaches to learning. It asks, what is to be done once we know what has to be done and how do we disrupt, tear down and take care in the process?

The concept is informed by research into limbo (the dance), which began as a ritual performed at wakes in Trinidad & Tobago, and is said to have its origins in the middle passage. The methodologies evident in the dance and its histories have become the grounding for an exploration of refusal, recollection and rebirth.

___________________________________________ will bring together people from a variety of positions to reflect on, strategise for and work towards collective progression and support. Another Cancelled Project will work towards a resource determined by participants which will exist beyond the realm of the time spent together during Another Cancelled Project.


We are sorry to announce, that ___________________________________________ is cancelled due to illness.