Projects and works informed by research into the historical dance contexts of limbo. Early iterations of the dance were performed as a ritual at wakes in Trinidad & Tobago, and it's said to have its origins in the middle passage. The methodologies evident in the dance and its histories have become a framework for survival strategies and a grounding for an exploration of refusal, recollection and rebirth.


dancers, digital collages, 2016 -17

How to Limbo, 2016, audio, 3m16secs

Flutter, digital video, 5m44s 2017

a disco, a field and a weight upon a body, wordsearch, 2017 

another cancelled project, 2018 [a summer school programme that never came to be]


Flourish, The Gallow Gate, Glasgow, UK, 2017 [solo]

all we can given the climate, CCA Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow,  2018